Sep 202010

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The Godfather is Mario Puzo‘s most popular and well-known work. As rare as it is, both the book and the movie are exceptional. The book takes you through the nerve-wrecking ruthlessness of the Italian mafia in the US. The story revolves around the Corleone family and, in the first installment, specifically around Don Vito Corleone, the family head.

Cover of The Godfather
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The conflicting and controversial principles of the Don places family above and beyond everything, all the while exterminating enemies, traitors and competition. So well written is the book that one actually sympathizes with the Don.

As highly as the movie is regarded and critically acclaimed, the book takes things to a different level altogether. A short and compact read that never fails to shock and awe at the same time.

Type: Fiction.
Categories: Crime, Social.
Edition(s): Book, Audio.
Rating: 5/5.
Recommendation: Highly recommended for everyone.

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