By any stretch of imagination, I’m an average guy. Like many, I happen to like telling computers what to do. In fact, I like it so much that I managed to convince some otherwise very smart and successful managers that they should pay me to do it. This scheme has been working since 1997. Somehow they seem to be satisfied with this arrangement. And so am I.

When I’m not masterminding memory manipulation and bit twiddling, I enjoy reading and snapping pictures, the latter of which I also happen to do professionally. As for the former, you can track my reading habit. Suggestions for reading material is always welcome.

Lately I’ve grown a liking to writing as well. The text on this blog is just a manifestation of that. We’ll see what hot-waters this new infatuation takes me into.

You can find a short bio here. And you can contact me via email from here.

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