Nov 122011

Just discovered a set of IDA Pro video/flash tutorials called TiGa’s Video Tutorial Series on IDA Pro. For anyone who ever needed to go knee-deep in the native assembly, IDA Pro is an indispensable tool. The only other tool that I’d put on that same list is WinDbg, of course.

IDA Pro not only disassembles for a multitude of processors/architectures, but it also allows for editing, renaming, commenting the disassembly. On top of all that, it’s a debugger! With an add-on decompiler, one can even generate C/C++ code from the disassembly for much better and faster insight into the code.

The thing about these tutorials is that they don’t have a large audience, so there aren’t too many of them and the ones that are around are typically old and outdated. At any rate, I was happy to find these, especially that the applications used for the tutorials are made-up and available for download.

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