An offline, multilingual WikiMedia viewer with live update feature supporting Wikipedia et al.

WikiDesk is in very early development. Use it at your own risk!

WikiDesk is built using C# and the .Net framework. The browser is Webkit via WebKit.Net. Currently all Wiki translations and language specific code relies on the original MediaWiki PHP sources integrated using Phalanger. WikiDesk has its own independent and original Wiki2Html conversion engine written in C#.

Version: 0.3 Alpha.
Role: Creator/Owner.
License: LGPLv3.



  • A stand-alone, portable WikiMedia markup parser.
  • Offline reader with on-demand update and customized database.
  • Support for all wiki domains and languages.


  • Promote language-learning.
  • Encourage the creation and enhancement of entries in multiple languages.
  • Promote more participation.

Non-Goals/Out of scope:

  • Exact reproduction of wikipedia.
  • Backup of revisions (only one revision per entry is stored.)
  • User- or account-specific functionality.
  • Live wiki server specific functionality.


0.3 Alpha

  • Improved rendering.
  • Improved importing of dump files.
  • Database performance enhancements.
  • Numerous bug fixes.


  • First public version (revision 252).
  • Alpha product – use at your own risk.

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