Ashod Nakashian
Software Engineer

Ashod Nakashian has more than 13 years of experience leading and developing professional software solutions. Throughout the years, Ashod has participated in projects covering a wide gamut of the software spectrum from web-based services, state-of-the-art audio/video processing and conversion solutions, multi-tier data and email migration and archival solutions to mission-critical real-time electronic trading servers.

As a senior software engineer at HPL International, Ltd (later Synopsys – he worked on chip design and yield enhancement solutions. At CQG (, Ashod lead a team of senior engineers developing portions of world-leading, multi-tier, electronic trading server on commodity exchange markets. As a consultant and freelance developer during a period spanning almost 7 years, Ashod worked on the state of the art audio and video encoding solutions for the HD and portable devices markets, realizing his passion in coding theory applications. Currently, Ashod is the CTO/Chief Architect of Linkgard LLC (, a Symantec partner, working on multi-tier archival and data-migration solutions for Fortune 500 and multinational banks.

Ashod is known for both his ability to rapidly study complex software systems and lead technical teams to enhancing and scaling them with an exceptional performance and quality. He has technical and administrative management experience for teams of up to a dozen developers. This is in addition to his software design skills for which he is celebrated amongst his peers. Ashod enjoys giving lectures and training sessions when opportunity knocks.

When not working, Ashod enjoys reading, writing and photography. Ashod has an MS degree in Software Engineering from the State Engineering University of Armenia (SEUA).

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