Sep 202010

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The Da Vinci Code is a thriller with a real-life theme. While most of the book is fictional, many of the story elements have clear origins in reality, even if from popular myths and legends.

The Da Vinci Code
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The book is takes the reader from puzzle to puzzle in an adventure to unlock arguably the greatest mystery of all time. From breaking codes to figuring our locations to deciphering symbols in old paintings, Dan Brown doesn’t leave time for the reader to think. This can be annoying at times, as once one has enough clue to put the pieces together, the author robs the reader of the fun of resolving the mystery of the moment by revealing the answer and introducing yet another puzzle. The book is a page turner. But more than that, it’s a chapter chaser. Chapter after chapter the reader is trapped in an never ending chase.

The Da Vinci Code generated a lot of controversy, especially from the religious right who found the book a challenge and perhaps a threat to their establishment. Many have took upon themselves the task of refuting the contents of the book. As silly as that may sound, it’s quite interesting that the irony is lost on the religious that they are competing and comparing notes with a self-declared fictional work.

As a thriller the book is an exceptional one. The author was successful in making it near impossible for the reader to put the book down. For a learned reader, the added bonus is to figure which elements are fictional and which are factual and historic. Then there are the historic elements with fictional twists. Overall a controversial book that’s a fascinating read.

Type: Fiction.
Categories: Thriller, Crime.
Edition(s): Audio.
Rating: 4/5.
Recommendation: Recommended for everyone.

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