Now Reading Redux


A WordPress plugin to track and share the books read, in progress and a wishlist of future books to read, with cover art fetched automatically from Amazon. Tracks and graphs reading statistics.


Now Reading Redux is a resurrection of the Now Reading Reloaded project by Ben Gunnink codebase, which was itself a fork/re-enlivening of Rob Miller’s original Now Reading plugin. It is forked from Rob’s code as of 4.4.4svn, in order to update its interface to work with WordPress 2.7 and above.

With it, you can manage a library of your current books, as well as historical and planned books.

NRR depends on jQuery and assumes it already loaded by WP or your theme. Please use a sufficiently recent version, say 1.4 or newer, preferably the latest. The graph is generated using TufteGraph which depends on Raphaël. All necessary files are included, no additional libraries necessary (beyond jQuery).

Status: active.
Version: Stable.
Role: Maintainer.
License: GPLv3.

Report issues and feature requests here please. You may leave thank yous and generals comments on this page.


  • WordPress 3.4 support.
  • Fixed: The wp-config.php file may be either in its default folder or a folder above it. See Hardening WordPress. (Thanks to Alex for this request.)
  • Fixed: Replaced file_get_contents() with url_get_contents() which is based on cURL/Snoopy and doesn’t suffer PHP settings. file_get_contents() required enabling allow_url_fopen in php.ini which some servers disallowed. (Thanks to Tom Saunders, TechnoMom, unsicherheitsserver, inktails and others for reporting).
  • Improved the robustness of Amazon searches, debugging and error-reporting. Also, untitled books are now show with the title “Untitled” (previously they were skipped).
  • Fixed: Removed hard-coding of styles from shelf and using CSS class nr_booktitle and nr_bookauthor for the title and author respectively. Also, new classes include nr_viewlibrary, nr_wishlist, nr_nobooks. Apply default CSS styles in NRR options page to get new default styles.
  • Fixed: Redesigned templates to use correct and up-to-date styles and better WordPress integration.
  • New options: Library Title and Wishlist Title options added.
  • New option: “Use Theme templatates” to control whether or not to load theme-specific templates or defaults. Themes can have ‘now-reading’ or ‘now-reading-redux’ folders added to the TEMPLATEPATH and by enabling this option the templates will be loaded from there. Suffusion makes use of this approach as it has heavily customized templates and the defaults don’t render so well (although latest templates are much better in this regard.) For Suffusion you’re advised to copy the templates from NRR’s suffusion subfolder into Suffusion’s now-reading subfolder and enable “Use Theme templates”. Don’t forget to repeat this every time you update Suffusion!
  • Added: NRR shortcode nrr_shelf added. Supports all rendering styles and filtering options supported in the Library page. See FAQ for doc and sample.
  • Improved book statistics and average reading rate calculation. Statistics may be calculated by books being read per-month as well as books finished per-month (no external option, just internal function implementation).
  • Improved nrr-generated page-titles shown in the browser caption-bar.

  • WordPress 3.3 support.
  • Romanian translation courtesy of Alexander Ovsov Web Geek Sciense.
  • New option: Wishlist link. An optional link to a wishlist page shown in the sidebar.
  • New options: Per shelf library, search and sidebar options to control appearence and style and more.
  • Redesigned sidebar, library and search templates.
  • Restructured and reorganized the Options page and grouped options.
  • Changed the default Amazon Associates ID to thevoid0f-20. This can be changed from the options.
  • Fixed: Library search was broken.
  • Updated many outdated, depricated and unrecommended codes.

  • New feature: Reading statistics and graph shown in the library page by calling print_book_stats(). Uses TafteGraph/Raphaël.
  • Updated and included Suffusion NRR templates.

  • New option: Hides Added dates in Manager and Book Edit pages.
  • Authors and Statuses are linked to filter the books shown in the Manager.

  • New option: Controls the default number of books displayed. Primarily controls the sidebar book count.
  • The ‘reading’ and ‘unread’ lists are now shown in random order, the ‘read’ list is shown last read first.
  • ‘View Full Library’ is now hidden in the library page. Search button is centered.

  • New option: Set book visibility as private or public. Private books are not shown to anyone but the owner. Note: admins may be able to view them!
  • Templates updated to improve utility.

  • New option: Ignores time in timestamps, showing only dates.

  • Started and Finished timestamps are automatically set when changing the status from ‘yet to read’ to ‘currently reading’ and from ‘currently reading’ to ‘finished’, respectively, only when the user leaves these fields blank. NRR no longer overwrites the user’s set values.

  • Added sorting support to the Book Manager table.

  • Initial import of Now Reading Reloaded
  • Added this README file and renamed the old one to readme.old.

  89 Responses to “Now Reading Redux”

  1. Super glad you are keeping this plugin going! I’ve been patching the original for way too long and finally it was too broken.

    The one issue I’m having is with Permalinks. When a custom permalink structure is enabled it doesn’t seem to recognize the library unless I resave permalinks. Once I do that however, I get PHP errors.

    Warning: preg_match() [function.preg-match]: Compilation failed: nothing to repeat at offset 1 in /***/***/***/wp-includes/class-wp.php on line 198

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  2. Hello. I am in the process of heavily modding this plugin; however, as I am sorting through the code and observing functionality, I have notice that the “Post Options” – “Add Link to Post” “Transclude Post Content” and “Redirect to Post” seem to have no effect – they all redirect to the blog post. I’m not sure what they are supposed to do, but they all appear to do the same thing or, perhaps, they are deprecated. Please let me know any info that might help. Thanks!


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  3. […] Reading Library er en meget kraftig ændring af Nu Reading Redux plugin ved Ashod Nakashian der er en opstandelse af de nu læser Reloaded plugin af Ben Gunnink som er en fork af den nu […]

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  4. Thanks for the share!

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  5. Hello,
    I got the below error trying to search for a book by ISBN. I get the same error searching on Title.

    I’m running WordPress 3.2.1, this is a new installation.

    I would have left this issue on git hub, but I’m not willing to create an account there just to tell you about this issue.

    I enabled the debug option on your option page and it does show me that the information is collected from Amazon.

    Seems like this might be a file rights issue, but I my user account has full access to the file mentioned in the error.

    Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in /data/18/2/120/140/2609629/user/2862558/htdocs/ths/wp-content/plugins/now-reading-redux/amazon.php on line 345

    Warning: file_get_contents( [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in /data/18/2/120/140/2609629/user/2862558/htdocs/ths/wp-content/plugins/now-reading-redux/amazon.php on line 345

    WARNING IsterXmlExpatNonValid->parse(): expat: Invalid document end [0/1/1]

    Fatal error: Call to a member function children() on a non-object in /data/18/2/120/140/2609629/user/2862558/htdocs/ths/wp-content/plugins/now-reading-redux/amazon.php on line 203

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    • Hi Tom,

      Thanks for the report. This is a security issue. The PHP file_get_contents() function reads primarily file contents, but it also has the ability to read stream/files from a URL. This is how NRR reads the amazon search response.

      PHP, however, needs to be told that this function can be used to read files/streams from a URL in addition to disk. Please see here on how to configure your PHP.ini to allow this function access to the internet. And here is the docs for the file_get_contents() in case you need more info about it.

      I hope this resolves the issue. Let me know if you need more help.

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  6. Hi! How do I get rid of “Planned Books” and “Recent Books”? I only want to show Current.


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    • Lauren,

      Planned Books and Recent Books show in the Library and SideBar. So, basically, all you have to do is go to the ‘templates’ folder within the NRR plugin folder and edit library.php and sidebar.php. You need to find the headings “Planned Books” and “Recent Books” and remove everything starting from the heading (H2 or H3) until the start of a new heading/section.

      Notice that if you’re using a theme that has custom NRR templates that override the standard ones you’ll need to find them and change those.

      Let me know if you need more info.

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  7. Oh my goodness what a quick reply! Thank you! Worked perfectly.

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  8. I thought I left a message already–but it’s not showing. I am wondering if there is a way to use NRR within a post, not a sidebar widget. When writing a book review, want to be able to link book jacket pic to Amazon.

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    • That’s not readily supported by the current version. But I’m working on a feature to integrate NRR’s review with posts such that you won’t need to refer from one to the other. It’s still not ready, but I felt it’d be a useful thing to have and hope others would benefit. Keep an eye on the updates.

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  9. Hi
    Does this plugin preserve the old library if you have Now Reading Reloaded installed? If not, is there any way of migrating the content?


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    • Rex,

      Yes it does preserve the old library. You should make a backup of the DB just in case, but it should work as expected. All you need to do is disable the old plugin then install and enable this one. It should work as expected.

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  10. I love how your sidebar looks here, with the 3 categories and 3 book jackets across. I’d like mine to be similar, but I need “Currently Reading”, “Currently Listening” (which I think I can just accomplish by changing the “Up Next” title to “Currently Listening”) and “Recently Finished”, and I’d like recently finished to show more than 3 books.

    Right now, “Currently Reading” is working fine, but the book jackets don’t show up at all in the other categories. Any ideas why this might happen?

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    • Hi Lauren,

      The template I’m using isn’t the standard one. It’s customized for Suffiusion, the theme I’m using. You can find the template in suffusion/sidebar.php.

      You can easily rename the titles for each section by editing the sidebar.php file’s headers. Each section has an H3 tag, just change it to whatever you like or delete it completely if you don’t want to have it.

      To customize the number of books shown in each section you have two methods. First, there is an option called “Default number of books displayed”. If you change this you’ll change the number of books shown in the sidebar. But this setting will change the value for all sections. To change them individually you’ll have to change the query string in the section in question. If you like to change the number of finished books, under the Recently Finished header you’ll find something like this: have_books(‘status=read&orderby=finished&order=desc’)

      This is a PHP function call (named have_books) and the string between the quotes is the query string. To change the number of books returned by this call simply add “&num=5” (without the double quotes.) Here I chose to return 5 books, but you can set it to any number. If you set it to -1 you’ll get all books!

      Here is how you may set it to return 10 books: have_books(‘status=read&orderby=finished&order=desc&num=10’)

      As for the jackets not showing, please make sure that they are showing fine in the library page. There is no reason that they won’t show in the sidebar if they show in the library page. If they don’t show there either, then you need to check your links. If you’re hot-linking, the images may have been removed. Consider uploading to your server or use a CDN.


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    • Lauren, the next version will resolve all issues with library jackets and page presentation. Wait for an update soon.

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  11. They are showing on the Library page…

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  12. Also, my library page is totally warped–the content area is too wide, knocking out my sidebar, and the text is super small, but I can’t figure out what CSS to alter.
    with this oddly named class…

    Any help greatly appreciated.

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  13. Gish–I am so sorry to be such a pain! But I have another question!
    I really want the books in the sidebar to link to a review post.
    I see this line here:
    If you wish, you can link this book to a blog entry by entering that entry’s ID here. The entry will be linked to from the book’s library page.

    But I am not sure what you mean by the entry’s ID, because it won’t take a permalink.

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    • Currently, there is no way to link the jackets to posts. What you can do is add a link in the book page. You need to figure out the post ID, it’s a number. Put that number where it’s asking for an entry ID. To figure out the ID of a post, click on the Get Shortlink button in the post editing page and you’ll see the ID at the end of the link.

      I’m working on a feature to give the user the option to replace the book page with a post, such that the jacket would link to a post rather than the book page.

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  14. Howdy, I’ve been tinkering with NRR and really like it. I am switching away from Amazon EMdia Manager, and have figured everything out on my local box, but when I set up the plugin in production, I run into an issue. The issue appears to be related to the location of wp-config.php. I can load the NRR Options page, but as soon as I save the changes, the next page throws a few errors:
    Warning: require(../../../../wp-config.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in [path to www dir]l/wp-content/plugins/now-reading-redux/admin/options.php on line 8

    Warning: require(../../../../wp-config.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in [path to www dir]/wp-content/plugins/now-reading-redux/admin/options.php on line 8

    Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required '../../../../wp-config.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in [path to www dir]/wp-content/plugins/now-reading-redux/admin/options.php on line 8

    I follow one of the WP hardening techniques that encourages moving wp-config.php out of the Web root. When I moved wp-config up to the Web root, NRR works without a problem. I really like NRR, but I don't want to reduce my site's security. Could you update the plugin so it can find wp-config.php?



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    • Alex,

      You’re absolutely right, these explicit includes shouldn’t be there. They are a legacy that speak of the history of this plugin. I tried to do a quick cleanup of the options page (although this isn’t the only place suffering from this malpractice,) in an attempt to cram it in the next release. Unfortunately there are many side-effects and inter dependencies that made me back out.

      I’ve added a todo item and will most certainly get to cleaning up legacy and outdated parts of the plugin. Meanwhile, I’m happy to announce that a new version will arrive before the new year with some nice features. It’s currently in private beta.


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      • Thanks for the quick reply Ashod. I fully understand the complexity of maintaining a legacy plugin, though of course, I’m sorry I can’t use it yet. 😉 Please feel free to reach out to me should you want an extra person testing the plugin once you’ve made the wo-config path changes.


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      • I happened to notice that there was an update to the plugin when I logged into my dashboard this morning, and lo and behold, this fix is in there! Thanks Ashod. :) I cannot wait to try it out over the long weekend. I also appreciate the callout in the notes. Keep up the great work!

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  15. […] Reading Redux 6.5 ReleasedJan 012012  The latest version of WordPress plugin Now Reading Redux was released on New Year’s eve. It has many awaited features that should prove very […]

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  16. Hello there,
    I would really love to use the Now Reading Redux plugin, but currently have the Now Reading Reloaded plugin on my blog. I don’t feel confident to change the template files myself and could really do with someone to look at it and do it for me! Would anyone be able to possibly help me out?

    Also, I can’t seem to get the Widget to display on my blog at the moment. It just disappeared one day and hasn’t come back – I don’t know what this could be. My blog is so if someone could get in touch with me then I’d be really grateful.

    Thanks :)

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    • Hi,

      You really don’t need to change the template, unless you have a heavily customized version, which I don’t see evidence for from my short visit to your library page. Redux is virtually 100% compatible with previous releases. The templates are updated and modified, but now they are also managed from the options page, so you’ll be able to customize the template by changing a few options without editing the files directly.

      You should go ahead and disable the old plugin and install the new one. Go to the Redux options and make sure you set every setting you care about. Most settings will be preserved, but not all, from your current setup. If you get any issues, I’ll be happy to help. Good luck.


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      • Dear Ash,

        Thank you for your quick reply – definitely the quickest response I’ve ever had to a WordPress Question! My WordPress theme is heavily customised. I did have a go at changing the plugin to the Redux one, but it looked very messed up when I activated it. Also, the widget isn’t showing in my sidebar either (neither on Now Reading Reloaded or Redux).

        Any suggestions?!

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        • If you have a heavily customized template, then you will either upgrade and redo the customization (hopefully it won’t be all that much work, but as a result you’ll get the benefit of the new version) or you just have to forgo the upgrade altogether.

          As a compromise, you can save your template and replace the default ones with your customized ones, it should work, but you won’t get the benefits of the new options-based customizability in the latest version. Another alternative (probably not applicable in your case, but I’ll put it on the table anyway) is to use a theme that has the ability to use its own template when one is found and override a plugin’s version. Suffusion, which I’m using does just that. So plugins are updated without a problem and if I need customization I just create a template in suffusion and it’ll use that instead of the plugin’s stock version.

          I’m sorry, but customization is just that; a special version that is bound to require continuous tending upon plugin updates.

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          • Thanks, Ash.
            Any ideas on why the widget isn’t appearing? It won’t appear with Now Reading Reloaded or Redux :(

            I think I may have to get someone and pay them to customise the template and styling for me so that I can have Redux.

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            • The widgets are known to have that issue. The workaround is to reset them and/or remove and add again. I’ve read about this issue upon upgrading. To be safe, remove the widget before disabling the old plugin, install and activate Redux, then add the widget again. The issue may be because the widget belongs to the old plugin which you must disable before enabling Redux, therefore it won’t show as it’s owner plugin is disabled.

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  17. Thanks, Ash. You’re very kind. :)

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  18. I’m having a problem with this plugin not being able to save anything. I was using Now Reading Reloaded before but I started having this issue with that, so I switched to your plugin to see if that would fix the problem but it didn’t. Basically if I try to save the options or edit a book or add a new book, it just takes me to a 404 not found page. I’ve already talked to my host about this and they said it doesn’t seem to be a server issue and that “the 404 is generating an end of script headers error when you attempt to use that update button.” Any ideas why this is happening and how to fix it?

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    • Hi Emily,

      It’s a bit hard to tell what’s going on, but it seems it’s a setup issue. Can you open the page that shows 404 in a new tab (just copy/paste the URL in a new tab and load it)? You probably can’t save the options, but try to enable the Debug flag in NRR and see if that gives you more information on what’s going on. Either way, ping me again and I’ll try to help figure this out.

      Also, has this issue been the case since day-one when you installed NRR or it’s something new? Do you have any other plugins that suffer similar ailments?

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      • No, it won’t let me save the options page. This is the page that gives me a 404:, but I checked and that file is there. Same thing happens when I try to add a book it says the admin/add.php file isn’t there but it is.

        I just tried downloading a new copy of the plugin and reinstalling in case something was wrong with the files, but that didn’t seem to help.

        Originally I was using the now reading reloaded and that worked fine when I first installed it, but then it randomly stopped working one day and that’s when I tried installing your version to see if it would fix it.

        I was also having a problem with being able to search for books, but I got my host to allow fopen or whatever and that fixed that problem. So now I can search for books, but when I try to add the book, I get that 404 not found error.

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        • Emily,

          The URL you have is indeed invalid!

          The correct URL for the options page is:
          Two things to notice here, first that the root directory is wp-admin and not wp-content (reasonable enough, as the plugin options is administrative and not content). Second, notice how the actual php file is different? It’s standard WP php file, not specific to any plugin.

          This leads me to suspect that your WordPress installation is old or has something seriously wrong with it. Please first check that you are using WP 3.0 or newer (preferably the very latest).


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          • Yep, it’s 3.3.1. I always update it as soon as there’s a new version. I have no idea how it could have something wrong with it! The site is only about a year old.

            The only thing I can think is that it’s some kind of outlying issue having to do with the server it was on? I was having TONS of WordPress problems on the old server, basically nothing was working right, I was getting those 404 not found errors all the time (trying to upload photos, adding posts, updating the theme files) and I always assumed that was the reason that this plugin didn’t work either. But after much complaining, my host finally admitted that the server had “legacy software” (whatever that means) and they upgraded me to a new server a few weeks ago and since then all of my WP problems went away except for the problem with this plugin. That’s when they told me they can’t troubleshoot WP plugins and I should ask you about it.

            Anyway, when I go to the options page in the WP admin, it’s the URL you said it’s supposed to be (, it’s just when I hit the update button that it goes to that incorrect URL. Any ideas why it would be redirecting like that?

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            • I’m not sure if this is important or not, but I was previously unable to search for books (on both the old server and the upgraded one). I kept getting this error: WARNING IsterXmlExpatNonValid->parse(): expat: no element found [-1/0/1]

              My host added the suPHP config path to the .htaccess and they also uploaded a php.ini file. The search works now but I still get a 404 error when I try to add the book. Could something in that php.ini file be causing the weird URL redirects? It’s a really big file, so I’m not sure what they changed from the default configurations.

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  19. First off, I want to thank you for keeping this project alive. I’ve been using Now Reading since the original and am happy to see that it is still being actively updated.

    This isn’t a bug exactly, rather a feature request. I found was a book being sold and published in Kindle format only. So it doesn’t have an ISBN. It only has an ASIN. Wondering if in the future we could have the ability to search by ASIN or ISBN. It isn’t a big deal, and I was still able to add my book manually. I was even able to link it to the correct Amazon page, but I wasn’t able to add it via the search page. Which meant I had to add the image manually.
    By the way, the book is located here if you want to check it out.

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  20. First off really thank you very much for all the efforts answering all the comments and updating the plugin. i´m very pleased with it, i tried to use another different with the aim of solve my problem, but is not possible. Or the code is not clean and you have to dive trough a lot of uncleared files or lines, or simply is not complete as yours.

    Ok, i´m using it at … i´m having some troubles with sidebar (everything is working perfectly), except that when i active the widget the footer is modified. but i´m having this problem only with the main page… because in the other pages : single, search, … was enought to delete the “” code, to solve it , how is possible to aprreciate in that template pages that i deleted this instrunction, footer is resized and working perfectly, problem is only in the page that i show the widget. i was trying to look for some bug in widget, sidebar and now-reading.php, and modifying library_options and nr-widget in CSS, but i was not able to find a solution.

    Also before notice that it was due to the “sidebar.php” , i was trying with different wordpress themes, and in some of the footer was ok like in “twenty template”, but for example in that case, the back color , and some tables were changed instead the footer.

    Do you have any idea how to solve it ?

    Thank you for your time and patient.

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  21. […] Reading Library is a very heavy modification of the Now Reading Redux plugin by Ashod Nakashian which is a resurrection of the Now Reading Reloaded plugin by Ben Gunnink which is a fork of the […]

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  22. How do control the number of books on my side bar. I noticed on your page you have for example “Currently Reading 6” but only 3 jackets are showing. How is that controlled?

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  23. How do you control the number of book jackets that are displaying in the sidebar. Even though I have 6 books under Reading I would prefer to only display 4 on the sidebar. I am using Suffusion as my theme.

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  24. I noticed this as part of your conversation with Lauren above,

    ” there is an option called “Default number of books displayed”. If you change this you’ll change the number of books shown in the sidebar. But this setting will change the value for all sections.”

    I just cant seem to find this either under your plugin or Suffusions custom section. What am I missing? Sorry for the blindness…:)

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    • Roseamary,

      If you update to the latest version of Now Reading Redux, you should find this in the plugin options. Cheers!

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      • I have 6.5 but am not seeing it. So sorry but Can you tell me exactly where it is and what the verbiage is.

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        • Under Sidebar Widget Options you should find per shelf-type options. In particular, you need to change Reading shelf items limit.

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          • So sorry for this confusion. I do have them set to 4 but it still is showing alll entered. Is there another setting somewhere. Again I am using Suffision which are has it own area for settings as I am sure you know. Nothing related to this that I can find.

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            • My only guess then is that you haven’t installed NRR for Suffusion properly. Since Suffusion comes with Now-Reading plugin, it has its own version of the plugin templates. It obviously prefers to use its own version even though you have installed NRR plugin separately. Please find a folder called ‘suffusion’ in the plugin folder (either the installed folder on your server, or by manually downloading the plugin from WP) and copy its contents into themes/suffusion/now-reading, overwriting the existing files.

              Let me know if you still need help.

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  25. Thanks for such a great plugin. I have used it to convert my Postnuke books module into WordPress Now Reading Redux.

    Sometimes when manually adding entries I got errors:
    “Sorry, but did not return any results for the ISBN number 0750691115”

    I spent a long time trying to debug this issue. What I came up with was that although the plugin finds the book on, the script falls over at the lines:

    $size = "{$options['imageSize']}Image";
    if (empty($item->$size))

    as the amazon database does not have entries for the requested image size. This is a problem with the amazon database, because you can search for the entry on the amazon web site and you can see all the images in the Large, Medium, and Small sizes, but it is not listed in their database entry for the book. You can independently check their database entry using the <A HREF=""amazon product advertising API scratch pad.

    I could not find the database entries for these alternative images on amazon. As the quality of the images is poor, I suspect they came from independent book sellers, not amazon.

    What I ended up doing was to add in some comments into the code. Firstly I added a bit that displays the edition number (not sure why it is done this way rather than counting the number of results in the XML table)

    $editions = $metaDataXml->ItemLookupResponse->Items->children();

    // Added to help debug
    echo "The search on found edition ".strval(count($editions))." of the book.\n";

    And then added another display to highlight why the code is exiting, because the requested image size was not found.

    $size = "{$options['imageSize']}Image";
    if (empty($item->$size))
    // Added to help debug
    echo "\nUnfortunately there are no images of the requested size, so you will have to grab the book info manually.\n";

    It might be possible to alter the code so that it does not exit the search, and at least populates some of the data and just make mention that the image could not be found.

    I ended up inserting all the data manually from the amazon site for about 5 books.

    The other nifty change that people might like is to have shortcodes in their reviews. To do this edit the file default-filters.php add the line:


    In my book reviews I insert shortcodes for openbooks, goodreviews, and scrapeAZon.

    Thanks again for such a great plugin.

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  26. […] Now Reading Redux 6.7 Released […]

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  27. Hello;

    V installed but links (library, search, …) does not work : go to an empty page…

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    • Hi Paul,

      Please enable debugging from Options to see if you get any insight as to what’s happening. I’m assuming you have some books and can see them in the manager. If so, please revisit all the options to make sure you don’t have the shelves disabled. Next, make sure that the templates are not overridden by the theme.

      Let me know if you need more help.

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  28. Howdy, I am attempting to set up custom templates as per the directions, but no matter what I do, the plugin doesn’t load templates from my-theme/now-reading/ nor my-theme/now-reading-redux. I’ve verified that the theme checkbox is checked. No errors are thrown, and enabling debugging in the options doesn’t provide any information at all. Any ideas?

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    • Hey Alex,

      The plugin uses the standard TEMPLATEPATH variable. As in looking first in TEMPLATEPATH . “/now-reading-redux/” then in TEMPLATEPATH . “/now-reading/. This variable should be setup correctly, since it decides where to look for theme templates.

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  29. Thanks for the quick reply Ashod. I realized that the problem lies with the fact that I use a child template, which inherits from the Genesis theme framework. So, in my case, the path is genesis/now-reading-redux instead of my-theme/now-reading-redux. Any thoughts on how I can place these files in my child theme folder, instead of the Genesis folder? I prefer to keep all modifications solely in my child theme so I know where they are, and that they are protected from upgrades.


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    • I think the standard way is to use locate_template() which should search in child theme folder as well (at least that’s my understanding). However NRR can’t use that function because historically the template filenames are too generic and the theme’s default files will be used. This is unfortunate. I’d like to support child themes better, but for now, I don’t know of another workaround but to put these files in the theme folder or to replace the ones in the plugin’s template folder. Both will be overwritten upon an upgrade, of course.

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  30. Hi Ashod,

    I’ve recently noticed that all of my searches return a “Sorry, but did not return any results for the book…”. I’m not sure what to do; I do have a web services access key and a secret access key and the searches used to work. The site is Do I need to do something with the Proxy hostname and port? I’ve been using the default, but now that I’m having search issues…how do I find the correct proxy hostname and port?

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    • Hi Jami,

      Did it stop working after upgrading 6.7? Can you please enable Debug from options and try again? You should get more information to help find out what’s going on. Notice also that sometimes Amazon does not return any results. This happens at high-load times and when you query too often.

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  31. Hello

    Thank you for your plugin.
    I’ve installed it and entered my AWS key and secret key.
    But when I make a search with an ISBN or title, I’ve got no results.

    Am I missing something?


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    • Hi Den,

      Did it ever work for you or is this your first install? Can you please enable Debug from options and try again? You should get more information to help find out what’s going on.

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  32. I’m having the same search issue. Here’s what the debug says:

    Amazon Search XML:string(18) “Amazon Search XML:”
    string(2199) ”








    Your AccessKey Id is not registered for Product Advertising API. Please use the AccessKey Id obtained after registering at

    Results: string(9) “Results: ”
    array(0) {

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    • Hi B,

      The message clearly says “Your AccessKey Id is not registered for Product Advertising API. Please use the AccessKey Id obtained after registering at[…].”

      You need to follow the link and register an AccessKey and then go to the Now Reading options page and set your “Amazon Web Services Access Key ID” and “Amazon Web Services Secret Access Key” in their respective fields.

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      • I’ve done that. I’ve supplied both keys, I even made a new one and I still get the same message.

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  33. Hello,
    I’m wondering whether Now Reading Redux is based on WordPress custom post type or not?

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  34. By clicking on the book, the request (my site)/?now_reading_author=john-stauber-sheldon-rampton&now_reading_title=lindustrie-du-mensonge-relations-publiques-lobbying-et-democratie gives an empty page with many “Notice” messages.

    Only one is about your plugin, thisone : Notice: Undefined index: userThemeTemplates in D:Sites webExtraPaulwwwwp-contentplugins
    ow-reading.php on line 655

    I not a WordPress expert : have you documentation to resolve the problem ?…

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  35. There is an small bug, in the css tags for library , if you use default code in the options page, it´s not working , i had to modify the css style for lybrary using “div.booklisting” instead the “nr_library”.

    I detected also another problem , if you modify the css code directly from pluging editor menu , links for books and library crash, i have to go always after each modification , to the NR options panel, and save even from there.

    Regards and thanks for keep working on this plugin

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    • Thanks Jose. Will fix css in the next release.

      I’m afraid I’m not sure why you’d need to use the plugin editor at all. That changes the plugin code directly and, of course, that doesn’t get reflected in the database, so it’s not a supported way of changing the pluging settings (or behavior). Perhaps what you’re trying to do is already supported from the options page? or may be you want to add a suggestion for me to implement in the future?

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      • I was working with the plugin editor, because was needed for me to add in each template page some code [“div class=”two-third ” id=”content” ], because by default the sidebar is added following the page content as is possible to see in : , so i had to put the sidebar on the right side. And i was adding some personal Div tags.

        Besides im trying to do another personal modifications according some ideas i have for the webpage, i want to show the rating of the books in the full library , and also in the full library i want to add over or besides the book cover a tick or image to show if the book was already reviewed. That are the biggest modifications im trying to do. Also could be good be able to choose for rating a personal image instead numerical.

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        • You should be able to do all that using CSS. You can even replace list entries with images using CSS. You should be able to select any node in the html using CSS3. If you think some class or id is necessary, please let me know.

          Please note that when you edit the php files you will lose all your changes when you update the plugin in the future!

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  36. I have this problem too. I’m just trying to add a book with an ISBN.

    “Your request is missing required parameters. Required parameters include AssociateTag.”

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    • Hi filco,

      You need to go to the Now Reading Options page and setup the plugin correctly. Please read the readme file in the plugin for instructions. You basically need to have App Keys from Amazon and set them in the plugin Options to get search to work.

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  37. […] Now Reading Redux » the Void […]

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  38. Hello, I am wondering if you can customize the plugin for me, can you please customize it so that other users can go on the library and check out a book?

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  39. Hey Ashod,

    Any plans to push out some updates to NRR to maintain compatibility with newer versions of WP? I’m having some issues with NRR communicating to Amazon and being able to find books by ISBN (or even title/author, for that matter). Thanks!

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    • I’ve meant to update the plugin in a very long time. However time hadn’t been as available as I’d have liked.

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  40. Thank you so much for this plugin. A quick question: I do not want to have the search box or search function available in the sidebar when I use the plugin. Is there any way to disable it so that the reader doesn’t see text and search box? What I want to display is simply a single image, showing the book I am reading at the moment, with link to Amazon, and that’s it. Any way to do this? Many thanks for your thoughts.

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  41. Hello there,
    This is a nice plugin. I like it very much.
    I have translated it into Chinese. But how could I contact you and send the language files to you? Your “Contact Me” page doesn’t seem to work.

    Vahi Chen

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    • Thanks for the translation and for notifying me that the contact page was broken. It is fixed now. I will contact you and you can send me the translation file, and I’ll include it in an update.

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